Crypto’s Debut of Kings Canyon to Feature in Apex Legends

Crypto’s Debut of Kings Canyon to Feature in Apex Legends

The infamous hacker of apex legends has featured in king canyon. The crypto character has been teased by Respawn as the hacker is put in the king canyon for a first-hand witnessing for the apex players. FrozenFroh who is an apex theorist has posted on reddit a video that displays the computer hacking skills of crypto at Singh labs before he makes his escape. Frozenfroh is seen sauntering his way around the Singh labs he is able to find crypto who is behind the glass panes busy hacking a system. 

The aerial drone is able to notice the eavesdropper and allows crypto to quickly wind up his cyber hacking antics and evade out of the room. As crypto escapes he leaves behind a screen that is hacked, it displays Repulsor with the decrypted data. 

Available For Purchase in Season 3

Respawn has added several teases before this one to the kings canyon. Numerous hacked screens had appeared in kings canyon which showed a progress bar of decryption that maxed out at 100 percent. Soon as it topped at 100 percent, the fans started to receive a message that stated attempt failed. the announcer of kings canyon stated that the system was going to reset. The season 3 of Apex is all set to start at the beginning of the fall this October. The fans will be able to buy Crypto at the very start of this season. This will be eerily similar to the case of Wattson who was immediately brought at the beginning of season two.

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