Ways To Fix The Pop-Up Issues While Using The McAfee Antivirus Program

Ways To Fix The Pop-Up Issues While Using The McAfee Antivirus Program

McAfee produces some of the most advanced antivirus packages that can provide you with reliable protection by safeguarding your systems. Countless users utilize the mcafee.com/activate products to benefit with the amazing shield McAfee provides for securing the systems. The online threats such as malware and viruses are effectively blocked, although the software is an excellent utility for the users there are some issues that occur related to the program. The annoying popup often occurs and can be resolved using these steps.

Running The Antivirus Program

  • You can start by opening the software by double-clicking on the shortcut icon installed on your desktop. This will open the McAfee antivirus on your screen. Further which you can go to the properties.
  • Just below the icon of properties, you will find the option of McAfee pop-up blocker. You will require enabling the pop-up blocker by tapping the checkbox related to the McAfee pop-up blocker. You will get prompted with a confirmation that will need you to click on the OK tab for going further.
  • Once done with these steps, you will be able to block the popups that occur using the McAfee blocker for popups. This works well when you are online and browsing for your information during your web surfing sessions.
  • When you have completed these procedures, you can go ahead and close the program by clicking on the x icon which appears at the top right-hand side.
  • Further this you will need restarting the system to make sure the changes have taken effect. Once the computer has started, you can check if the pop-up issues have resolved or not.

Fixing The Extension Issues         

If you are still experiencing pop-ups while browsing, then you will require adjusting the extension in your browser. If your browser does not have the extension of McAfee pop-up blocker enabled, then this can result in numerous pop-ups on your display monitor. You will need to ensure the extension is enabled to avoid further running into these pop-ups.

The pop-up issue related to www.mcafee.com/activate can be resolved by following the necessary steps above.

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