Easy Ways to Fix the McAfee Error Code 651

Easy Ways to Fix the McAfee Error Code 651

McAfee is the name to trust when it comes to cybersecurity; they have produced reliable antivirus systems over the years, which are used by corporate clients all over the world. Not only that, many personal users enjoy their services. However, there are issues faced by the users related to mcafee.com/activate, which can be resolved by following the correct www.mcafee.com/activate guidelines. One such error is the McAfee error is internet security error 651. Refer to the steps below to troubleshoot this error quickly.

Clearing the junk files

  • Proceed with clicking on the tab of start and then navigate to the search bar, you can enter the command of %temp%; after this, you will see a folder appearing in front of you.
  • You can press the ctrl key and press A key to select all of the files in it and press the button of delete on your keyboard. Once you have deleted the files, you can check if the error 651 has been resolved or not.

Updating the computer

  • If your pc appears to be outdated, then you will require updating it with the latest upgrades to ensure the performance of the system is not contributing to the internet security error that you see on your monitor display.
  • Installing the upgrades can help your system perform better and prevent the errors from appearing due to system malfunctions.

Verifying the registry

  • If the registry base has been corrupted, then you will require checking into the registry if there are any old or outdated keys present.
  • You can do this by opening the command prompt and then inputting the command of reg edit and press the enter key. You will now see the window of the registry editor and will need to verify if there are any irrelevant keys related to error 651.
  • If you find any keys, you can select and delete it and check if the error 651 related mcafee.com/activate has been fixed.

Internet security error 651 can be resolved by following the proper set of guidelines mentioned above.

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