Easy Methods For Resolving The Error Code 12152

Easy Methods For Resolving The Error Code 12152

McAfee is a reliable company that provides a fantastic online experience for users by protecting their systems from malicious viruses. Many corporate companies use antivirus products from McAfee to ensure their confidential data is safe and away from unauthorized hands. Though the software is amazing, there are some issues users commonly face related to mcafee.com/activate, such as the error code 12152, which can be readily resolved by following the proper directions below.

Turning The Firewall Off Temporarily

  • The windows firewall sometimes interferes with the proper functioning of the system, such as obstructing the programs from functioning normally, which can result in this error. You will require to disable the functioning of your firewall.
  • To achieve this, you can go the start tab and then navigate to the panel of systems and security and then click on the option named firewall. In the settings, you can click on the feature that says turn off the firewall for windows.
  • You must remember that you’re doing this temporarily to see if the error code 12152 has disappeared after this step or not. 

Running The Sfc Scan

  • You can check the errors in your system files by running a scan. Sometimes the files in the system get corrupted, which can be acknowledged by running a deep system file checking scan.
  • To do this, you can go to the tab of start and then open the command prompt panel. Once the command prompt window appears on your screen, you will then require to input the command of sfc/scannow. After this press the enter key, this will start a deep scan and fix the issues related to system files.

Updating Your Computer

  • You will require to make sure that your system is not running outdated. You can do this by installing the latest upgrades into your system. This will ensure that your system is not hindered by sluggishness and performs optimally.
  • The system performance-related issues can contribute to this error, so to eliminate the performance issues; you will need t update the computer. 

After following the above steps, you can check if the error code 12152 related to mcafee.com/activate is resolved.

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